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1 task credit for $89
Email & chat support
1 task up to 1 hour long
2 business day output
No commitments
Credit never expires
Best for businesses who are trying out our service for the first time or businesses who simply need the occasional small task.
$249 billed monthly
Email & chat support
5 task credits monthly
Daily output
Covers one store
Extra credits for $39
Best for growing businesses who need reliable expert support on a monthly basis, and want to save on the expense of hiring a staff developer.
Custom quotes
starting at $85 /hour
Project management
Flexible output
Clear timelines
Made to fit your needs
No commitments
Best for start up or mature shops looking for personalized approach for mid to large size Shopify projects, at competitive rates.
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How does it work?chevron icon

It’s easy really! You can submit a custom Shopify task request using the live chat, for us to assess, or you can browse our Task Catalog for common task ideas. You fund your account with credits via the pricing table above, and we send you into our task dashboard where all the work and communication with developers is handled.

What do you mean by a "tweak"?chevron icon

Our focus as a team is on doing small Shopify tasks, really fast, without compromising quality. A tweak is not easy to define globally – but for us, it’s any development or graphic task that is assessed by us to need up to an hour to complete, including communication. We are increasing the scope of projects we can accept, so just ask if you’re not sure. Browse our Task Catalog or read this blog post for more examples.

I have a long list of small tasks, can you do this?chevron icon

Yes, we can. You can queue up your tasks inside the dashboard. However, we work on one task at a time, per store, per the listed turnaround period, including the time it takes to revise any comments or feedback we receive. Purchasing tasks or subscribing to a plan and consistently submitting lists of tasks, after our requests to revise submissions, or unecessarily taking time away from our developers for reasons apart from our 1 hour request, may require that we end your service.

What does “2 business day output” mean?chevron icon

This means that our developers will provide you with an update, or the “First Deliverable” of your tweak before the end of the following business day (at midnight ET). You can check this date in the Active Tasks section of the task dashboard. It often takes additional time for revisions, fixes, or unforeseen changes to the tweak. We always try hard to over-deliver on our output time.

Can I get a refund? What’s the 14-day satisfaction guarantee about?chevron icon

If you purchase task credits and your initial task is refused, you can use your credit on another task or receive a full refund of your purchase price.

Why should I trust your team with my store?chevron icon

We are a leading Shopify Expert company with in-house team members all over the world. We’ve been focused on delivering small technical and graphic tasks to Shopify users since May 2015 and have helped over 9,000 Shopify store owners get stuff done. We also run a community of 100,000+ Shopify merchants, join us!

What if I don’t use 5 credits in one month?chevron icon

You will be given 5 credits to use every month. Your credit balance will rollover and remain available as long as your subscription remains active. Upon cancellation, these credits will expire. If you wish to preserve your credit balance, you may keep your account under a maintenance plan for $29/month.

What if I have more questions?chevron icon

Hit the live chat in the lower-right corner of the screen, or email us at and we'll be happy to answer!

What our customers say
We’re the #1 rated official Shopify expert team
Azura Jewelry

They are just absolutely skillful, knowledgable and fast. Highy recommend.

Angela L.
Azura Jewelry
Contessa Volpi

Highly recommended! I couldn’t be more happy with the service from Carson!

Alpine Rings

These guys do really good work. Will use them again next time I need a coding fix.

Galaxy Music Notes

The Carson team communicates quickly and gets things done as promised.

East of Alta Apparel

I would 100% recommend. Great website, great staff, great work, great experience.

Four Point Puzzles

The developers are incredible and completed 100% of my tasks successfully.

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