Design Collection Banners


The collection pages of your Shopify store would likely be the most visited website content. Each collection can act as a separate storefront for a selection of products within a range of sometimes hundreds of articles.

By incorporating collection banners on each of your collection pages you are taking the opportunity to visually summarize the page’s content, highlight your offers and create a long-lasting impression on your store’s visitors.

To achieve that, it is important that you showcase an attractive and relevant imagery, as well as concise but powerful copy that are in tune with our brand’s style and can stay top-of-mind of your prospects. 

 Who is this for?

Shopify merchants who want to make their collection pages more visually-pleasing and attention-grabbing.

What do we offer?

We always stay flexible to match your specific needs that you can communicate to us in detail through your custom request , however here is an idea of what can be achieved within one hour:

  • If you provide us with some inspirational design examples and assets, we can create up to 3 versions.

  • If you provide us with some inspiration design examples without assets, we can create up to 2 versions.

  • If none of the above is provided, we can create 1 version.

  • Link to the collection page for which you are requesting the design

  • Collection name and description or anything similar in terms of content-writing that should be included in the design.

  • Brand assets that should be included in the design, such as logos, illustrations, product photos, etc.


Professionally looking banner(s) that accurately represents the contents of your collection page(s).

Task priceCost
2 business days
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guarantee100% Secure
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