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Easily showcase and filter large inventories

This theme is designed and supported by Shopify.  Customization and tweaks for this theme offered by HeyCarson.

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Victoria's Chest
9 days ago

I do love this theme but honestly my store performance has been dropping like crazy. Nothing has been installed or uninstalled since the nose dive in it's performance. So there is no answer to why it's happening. I have customers tell me my page is loading just fine. Yet it keeps saying my page speed is low. I give up.

Mar 30, 2021

It is awesome, easy to customize and style. I love how it looks like. I'm gonna keep this theme !

Mar 08, 2021

Great for desktop, not satisfied with the mobile looks of this Theme.

Aug 12, 2020

Not bad, but I'm not sure if images load in the background so it's performance isn't the best.

Surfboard factory
Aug 12, 2020

Very Simple, Responsive and easy setup.

Lets Party Fireworks
May 06, 2020

Love this theme, it has really helped us lay out products out clearly - and has increased out sales too!

Theme Features
Built for large catalogs
Ideal for stores with a large number of products.
Collection filtering in sidebar
Allow customers to filter collection pages by brand, price, and other customizable options.
Showcase multiple product or brand images on your home page.
Featured collections on home page
Display multiple featured collections on your home page.

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