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A simple, clean design that keeps the focus on your products

This theme is designed and supported by Shopify.  Customization and tweaks for this theme offered by HeyCarson.

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The Boo Store
Mar 11, 2021

Simple and easy - in our case best theme compared to all other free ones. We are happy at all. Of course, had to do a few small individual coding changes, but all in all works perfectly. We are still trying to become better and change the look all time. We can recommend the Minimal theme. All the best - see ya soon #bambooyourlife

Feb 05, 2021

I love my theme now! I did a lot of coding that I wish I didn't have to do but I think it looks great! I do have a lot of complaints one being that I wish that many of the things I had to code into my theme were integrated into the customization interface but my greatest complaint is that the minimal theme has not yet integrated the new product media feature and it's very difficult to code.

Kittywitty Shop
Nov 10, 2020

TOO BASIC. As with all of Shopify's 'free' themes, you will have to know how to code /OR/ shell out for pay-per-month apps to have anything approaching a professional store... It is disappointing that Shopify's 'free' themes aren't more realistically useful out of the box, when we are already paying Shopify monthly.

N á t t ú r a l
Nov 02, 2020

I love my shop and I play around with it all the time - is so easy to change the look and feel of it - that is why I choose this template - have a look at my shop - It properly won't look like this next time you visit

Nintendo "R" Us
Sep 27, 2020 is my site, currently using the "Minimal Theme" Purchased for $180 Running an SEO diagnostics test shows that it is my theme causing a 16-second delay added to the website responsiveness. the website loads in 2.6 seconds after the delay so I know the fault is within the theme somewhere. all of my images are between 2.2-4mb each and I have no videos or extra content on my homepage.

Twelve Houses
Jul 04, 2020

This is a great basic theme. With a few apps and a few code tweaks we've been able to do almost all that we want. Our store looks fine on mobile- we don't seem to have the problems mentioned by other reviewers. And the price is definitely right!

Theme Features
Showcase multiple product or brand images on your home page.
Product image zoom
Give customers a closer look and extra product details when they hover over an image.
Home page video
Tell your story by featuring a YouTube or Vimeo video.
Product filtering
Allow customers to filter products by type, and sort by best sellers and price on the collection page.
Product recommendations
Showcase recommended products on product pages to increase discoverability.

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