Special Shopify Theme Tweak

Trying to adjust your Shopify theme to meet your needs, but don't need a subscription? You can purchase 1 quick task here.

A theme tweak or small job is any single Shopify related task that is doable within 1 hour of our experts time.

Common requested theme tweaks and small jobs:

- Activate/remove Shopify theme functionality or design presets
- Graphic and image edits
- CSS & Styling issues/changes
- Menu adjustments
- Basic app integrations
- Email popup integrations (Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Sumome, + more)
- Type font and size changes
- Spacing, padding and alignment corrections
- Google Analytics setup
- Facebook audience pixel install

Or any other small graphic or theme fix you can think of.

Not sure if your task is considered small? Ask us by clicking here or by using the live chat on the bottom right corner.

The fastest way for us to assess your request is to place a single task order. If we can’t complete the job, we’ll give you a full refund or credit and suggest smart alternate solutions. 

We prefer supporting customers that are using themes made by the following companies:

Shopify theme makers do awesome work and usually have amazing support teams, but sometimes changes needed are slightly outside the scope of their support policies. That's where Carson comes in!

* We reserve the right to refuse any task for any reason. In such cases we will refund or credit you.