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  • Next business day turnaround**
  • Small tasks up to 1 hour
  • 1 task at a time
  • Subscription for 1 Shopify store
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14 day risk-free guarantee

* The next business day and up to 12 hour turnaround for fixes or errors is assumed in the subscription rate. "Unlimited" in this context constitutes approximately 10-15 small tasks each month.

** The next business day is for first delivery (before 12 AM, ET, the following day). Revisions and/or fixes take up to 12 hours and are assumed in the subscription rate.

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  • 2 business day turnaround*
  • Small task up to 1 hour
  • 1 task at a time (per store)


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I Agree to the Terms and Conditions

14 day risk-free guarantee

* The 2 business days is for first delivery (before 12 AM, ET, on the second day following submission). Revisions and/or fixes take up to 12 hours and are assumed in the task price.

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What do you mean by a small task?
A small task is a technical or graphic adjustment on your Shopify store that takes us 1 hour or less. Popular tasks come in the form of theme tweaks, basic app integrations, promo graphics, product image adjustments and general questions or advice. If we measure a task to be longer than 1 hour but less than 2 hours, we will accept the task and break it down into two tasks. Anything larger than that doesn't fall into our definition of small and isn't covered in our fixed price package at $49 or our monthly plans.

We're happy to answer your questions before you buy a task or subscribe. We can only approve or disapprove the task firmly after your purchase and after getting access to your store dashboard as a staff member. However, feel free to email us or contact us on the live chat before buying if you're unsure if your task is small.

We’ve written out examples of small design and technical tasks, here.

Which type of tasks do you reject?

We don't do repetitive data entry, create logos or icons or create or fix copy. We also reserve the right to refuse tasks estimated to take us longer than 2 hours. We are usually good at finding solutions to automate big jobs, so feel free to ask us anything. We love to help with our connections and resources in the Shopify world.

How does it work?
After your payment is confirmed, we send you a welcome email which contains details how to add us as a staff member and exactly how to submit your first task. All tasks are submitted via email. Tasks are generally approved or disapproved within 1-2 hours and turn around time is up to 48 hours for our $49 tasks and up to 24 hours for monthly plan subscribers. Monthly subscribers will always be prioritized in the task queue.

Do you work weekends?
Not yet. The service currently covers Monday to Friday (New York time). Tasks can be submitted over the weekend but there will be delays. We plan on scaling up to have 24/7 coverage as soon as it makes sense for us to bring on talent to help cover weekends. We know how important this is. Hustling on weekends is part of the formula, so we’re working on it.

What if I need a bigger job done? Do you do that?
We don’t. Our business is set up to serve shop owners with a need for ongoing small fixes and upgrade tasks. However, we work with expert Shopify partners that offer larger scale project work. Whenever we can’t do something for you, we know someone who can. We always come with solutions.

How do you accept payments?
We accept all major credit cards via Shopify payments. We can accept Paypal subscription payments upon request. 

I have more than one small job to do, can I buy more than a single $49 job? 

Yes, you can buy up to four $49 tasks/tweaks and we will do the separate tasks in order.

Can I get a refund?
If you purchase a $49 task and we don't approve your task for any reason, you will receive a full refund. If something goes wrong after we're started or finished the task, we’re all about being fair. There are onboarding costs for us (our time), so we just ask for you to be fair with us. We think there is nothing that good communication can't fix. We read alot of blogs about customer service coolness and we think this is fair.

I have a long list of small tasks, can you do this?
We can but we do one at a time and we work on the promise of our 24 hour turnaround. If you are in a rush to get a long list of things done, we can refer you to expert partners that may charge $30-$45/hour.

Do you set up Shopify stores?
We don't. But if you want to launch a new store we can connect you with a reputable expert to help you.

How awesome am I?
Well, considering you’ve decided to use Shopify and you’re checking out Carson, we’d say you’re pretty awesome.

How can I show my gratitude for this amazing service?
We’re glad you asked this. We love getting testimonials but we’d love even more if you gave us a share on your favorite social network. We also accept tips in the form of Maseratis, Vintage VW Vans and sporting event tickets.