This Week in eCommerce: Selling on Amazon with Shopify Just Got Easier, How Successful Leaders Manage the Most Difficult Aspect of Owning Any Business, and Secrets to Building Successful Products


As a store owner, you aspire to see a rapid growth in your business. The amount of time you spend on it can influence how fast your success to transpire.

It is extremely important to know what you really want for your business!

Here are some eCommerce related topics for our weekly pick:

1. New Features, New Categories: Selling on Amazon with Shopify Just Got Easier

As we all know, Amazon has been added as a sales channel in Shopify. On their latest update, merchants have now the ability to create listings in seven new product categories directly from the platform, and support for the Amazon Brand Registry.

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2. Homepages Rarely Convert Because These 6 Elements Are Often Ignored

Your homepage is where you can get a high chance for optimal conversion. More often than not, visitors decide if they will buy from your store based on what they see or get from the main web page.

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3. How Successful Leaders Manage the Most Difficult Aspect of Owning Any Business

As an entrepreneur, you have to invest and grow yourself before you can achieve the same for your business. Success should always start with you.

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We learn from experts, and this is a fact in business. When building your brand and selling your own products, it is helpful to hear words and pieces of advice from experienced people. 

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We hope you found these topics helpful. Let's catch up again next week!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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