Why Your Shopify Business Should Take Messaging Seriously

A guest article by Jared Husch, COO at LiveNinja. LiveNinja offers the 3 most important messaging channels you'll need to stay connected with your customers, all in one dashboard: SMS, live chat, and Facebook Messenger. 

Over 2 billion people around the world have a smartphone. These internet-connected devices penetrate every aspect of our lives and enable a breadth of real time communication channels.

What's at the forefront of it all?


Not too long ago, social media was the most highly used communication channel for consumers to keep in touch with friends and family. Shortly thereafter, it quickly became one of the most effective ways for consumers to get in touch with businesses.

Then, in 2015, messaging usage skyrocketed and surpassed social networking as the most active and highly used communication channel.

With each new message sent every day (over 50 billion to be exact), businesses are finding more and more often that they need to offer a faster, more relevant way for customers to reach them.

As expected, Shopify is providing their e-commerce businesses the opportunity to take advantage of this rising trend by leveraging Facebook Messenger to easily communicate with customers (and even make purchases) via messaging.

So why take the leap and offer messaging to your customers? Here are 3 reasons why your business should take messaging seriously:

Time Management

Time is the most important variable in everyday decisions. Every consumer and business is strapped for time. There is never enough!

Messaging allows businesses and consumers to be more efficient and to actually value each others time. Many of the services businesses require can integrate directly inside of messaging platforms where consumers can serve themselves.

From simple customer support questions to transactions triggered from a customer's thumb, messaging provides the fastest channel for communication and service throughout the customer journey. If the situation calls for a direct response for a specific issue, a messaging platform can even anticipate the best person or team to respond, without ever putting a customer on hold.

Messaging will bridge the gap between automated response companies and human led communication experiences, all under the premise of valuing the time of the customer and the business.

Freedom of Expression

As an ecommerce business competing against a giant like Amazon, it becomes especially difficult to stand out. This is why offering unique experiences has become the differentiating factor for many businesses.

At the heart of service is communication. Messaging will rethink and reshape how businesses communicate. It will finally give customers the freedom of expressions they already use( gifs, audio clips, stickers, and live video) to better their relationship with the brand.

By allowing customers to communicate in this way, previously marked “spammy” messages transform into experience based stories expressed on the mediums consumers are most comfortable with.

Access to information

With people spending a total of over 3 hours a day on their smartphone, there is a wealth of data being collected.

A messaging platform provides both consumers and businesses access to history of all communications, transactions, and preferences. Businesses will begin utilizing the data to anticipate and resolve customer issues at a faster rate. This will result in more effective exchanges that keep customers more satisfied and loyal to your business.

Messaging is definitely not the last stage of the communication evolution; it is simply the one we are living in right now. Companies that don't evolve to this platform will not be here to experience the next one. Humans will always push the boundaries of communication technology. It's in our DNA. But just like messaging, the upcoming communication channels will focus on valuing time, freedoms of expressions, and access to information.

If you are ready to get started with messaging, LiveNinja offers the 3 most important messaging channels you'll need to stay connected with your customers, all in one dashboard: SMS, live chat, and Facebook Messenger. Built with mobile entrepreneurs in mind, we make it really easy to manage conversations at your desk or on-the-go. Whether you choose to go with us or another messaging app, your customers will be relieved to know that you are making yourself more reachable, personable, and memorable with messaging on your side.


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