Why is Gamification a Game Changer for Shopify Stores and eCommerce in General?

A guest article by Wheelio team, maker of interactive pop-ups.

Gamification is not a new thing and people have been using it since the dawn of time, well not really, but for a really long time. Why? Because it works and it makes boring things fun.

How does gamification work?

The official definition of gamification is: The application of typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity, typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service.

Meaning that people will engage more with content that is fun and that differentiates from other traditional content.

When we convert that to eCommerce numbers, it results in increased engagement and increased conversion rates, which is always a good thing.

How does it compare to the more traditional approaches?

The average conversion rates of traditional pop-up windows are around 0.5%-2% across all platforms. If we compare this data to a gamified pop-up window that converts above 9% the difference is overwhelming.

And it’s not just about the conversion part

Well, it is, but not just the email capture rate, it is also about the coupon (offer) usage on the front end (direct sales). The psychology of purchase behavior behind gamified aspects of the popup and coupons is different since the user is not given a discount, he has won it, he had to do something to gain this benefit, thus the benefit has a higher perceived value and better usage/conversion on the front end.

People would think that users like easy stuff, but in the case of offers and discounts, it’s the other way around. People like to work for something and if you work for something, the value and reward is sweeter.

Are there any other ways of gamification? Tip for a nice discount game.

Currently, there are limited numbers of apps available that gamify the user experience, but we are pretty confident many will follow the path, since the results that are achieved through gamification simply trump any other solution on the market.

But if you think, you could even gamify your discount codes with a simple trick. Create a unique discount code on Shopify and hide it somewhere on your product page (you can make it small or incorporate it into the text on the page). After you have done that, tell your customers that somewhere on your site there is a secret discount code and who finds it, can use it on the checkout. People really love finding hidden things and the value of that discount code is far greater than any other discount code you simply send over.

What are the results of gamification?

The users that engage with gamified aspects are on average more relaxed, happier and the post engagement behavior on the store is bringing more sales and an overall better shopping experience.

If we talk about the back-end aspect, leads in generally, the acquisition of leads is higher than on any other standard lead generation app, and while many people ignore the power of email, the ones who really excel in e-commerce are the ones that base their business on power of their back-end (emails) and focus on retaining the existing customer.

What to do with the emails collected?

You can connect them to an email service and use automated emails for on boarding of new users and slowly be moving them to your main email list. Do not blast them, make them feel special and welcome. This is the key to a long and successful relationship with your email users.

This part is really important. Use your list, don't let it just stand there and fill the lists, make the lists your number one asset. It really is your greatest asset.

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