To all Shopify Gurus and Shopify support staff - OUR BIGGEST THANK YOU!

Really, you guys are amazing, thank you!

Some of you may already know us at Carson, and some of you may not. My name is Jonathan and along with Chris, Gabriel, Jenya and a team of 20 developers and service stars, we're growing HeyCarson into a fledging service business in the Shopify ecosystem, focused entirely on supporting Shopify merchants in their dreams of owning life changing businesses.

I founded this little service company in 2015. Since then, largely thanks to referrals coming from the Shopify support team, we've grown to be a leading expert team and the definite leader in the small task service space for Shopify merchants. We have no way of measuring this impact, but we feel the love everyday when a merchant starts out their message with "A Shopify Guru referred us to you...".

2017 was a year of big challenges, growth and experiences for myself and our team at Carson. It was an amazing year to be an entrepreneur and a Shopify partner.

Throughout this year, I've had the chance to sponsor and attend the Shopify Shopclass tour across 8 Canadian cities, and attend more than a dozen Shopify sponsored events offline. At each of these events I've met and gotten to know Shopify Gurus. With every interaction, I was left with such a great impression, a feeling of gratitude for those of you who refer Shopify merchants directly to us for small task support, and a ton of optimism to keep doing what we do, but better.

There is a reason there aren't many Shopify expert teams that specialize in small tasks only. It's hard and a bit of an insane endeavour. It's not that easy to be and stay profitable, with tight merchant budgets and costs of development work that keep going up. There is a big gap in the market here, and we've been trying to figure it out. As you already know by now, the range of merchant questions, problems and needs are almost endless. We see something new every day. There is a well of opportunity, but each entrepreneur is unique, and with 500k merchants, each facing their own personal set of frustrations and challenges, every interaction is different. We've adapted to this at Carson - and just like Shopify - we rely on smart, ambitious and hard-working people, to deliver our small task service with high standards - albeit we're a fraction of the size. I'm ok with that!

Through these offline events and interactions with you, and the impact your referrals have had on our service, our small business has been able to grow. We have been able to invest more of our time and money, heart and soul, into solving this important and often overlooked "small jobs" support problem.

For those of you that know little about us, our limitation at Carson is that we set up our service to handle development and design jobs up to 1 hour, beyond that is out of scope for us (psst..we often take jobs up to 2 hours and our internal wiki of shared solutions allows us to handle some jobs, that can normally take up to 4-5 hours, in only 30 minutes).

With a large focus on small tasks, we found that merchants were still being underserved for everything that went beyond 4 hours. Typically the minimum rate of bigger Shopify agencies found in the experts directory fell outside the budget of our small business and early-stage customers. We wanted to keep our service flow manageable at Carson, but the growing demand for slightly bigger jobs was impossible for our team to ignore.

Your support has allowed us to continue investing in Carson, and extend our impact with our new platform, Storetasker. And, I'm so excited for both of these services in 2018!

From my team to all of you, I want to say thank you for trusting Carson and referring what is likely thousands of merchants to our service this year alone. Having met many of you, I fully understand your challenges as gurus and what you are expected to know, and this pool of information only grows every day. The fact that you've taken time to understand what we do and how we fit into your service workflow for merchants is a real gift to us. We will continue to strive for excellence in all these interactions.

While 2018 presents great opportunities for us, I also know many of you will progress in your own careers, and the skills you pick up as Shopify Gurus and support staff are paving the way for those new opportunities. Some of you will be promoted within Shopify based on your unique combination of skills and experience, some of you will become entrepreneurs in your own right (maybe even successful store owners), some of you may become Shopify partners or experts. No matter where you end up, the Carson team and I owe you a debt of gratitude for your support. We hope to continue to find ways to strengthen our relationship with you to keep solving this big unsexy support problem.

We will continue to take the path that leads to more entrepreneurs!

If there is anything I can do for you personally to help you in your career path, or if you have questions about Carson or Storetasker and how they differ, here's my personal email I will keep an eye out on my inbox.

Best Wishes & Happy Holidays!

- Jonathan Kennedy
Founder, and

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