Three Ways to Get Your Window Shoppers to Do a Double Take

A guest article by Make an Offer team. They developed a Shopify app that allows you to instantly and easily put the name your price functionality on your website with numerous other features such as exit popup, cart page popup and more. 

There is absolutely no denying that majority of your store traffic is filled with window shoppers. They will browse around your website and delicately tiptoe around the price slashes and sales banners and exit the website without purchasing anything. However, the key to remember here is that they are prospect buyers. They are on your website because something intrigued them, some message on your website caused them to click and visit.

If you can get your window shoppers to stop and look twice, you have got them thinking and conversion is a matter of time.

1. Language Matters

Use words that rock human emotions. Words like "New" or "Guaranteed" create a sense of trust and pride.

Think back to the last time you bought a new pair of jeans and the sense of pride and comfort you felt when you first put them on and went out. Communicate the same comfort and pride your customers can feel by sprinkling the word "New" in the product description.

The word "guaranteed" creates a sense of risk avoidance and helps ease the buying decision. This is critical to use in product descriptions but specifically at the cart page where they need the comfort to make that buy decision the most.

Another powerful word that gets immediate attention is "free". Tell your customers about freebies you can offer with a specific purchase threshold.

One thing to keep in mind with "free" is that it is also a word that is abused by marketers. It has the perception of "there must be strings attached". When you offer something free to your customer, the messaging has to be clear so you don't hurt their trust. No marketing strategy is worth losing your customers trust.

2. Ride the season

Customize and tailor your website based on seasonality and the festivities of the month. Whether its fireworks for New Year or hearts for valentines, decorate your site to create the comforting environment of the season. This is the same strategy your local grocery store uses when they decorate the store with Christmas lights in December.

The festivities revives the positive mood of the customers as well as surprises the customer to double take your website and hence spend more time on your site.

There are apps like "Seasonal" in the app store that can help you create that element of surprise for your store.

3. Allow them a personalized exclusive deal

There is no denying on how impactful personalization is in sales. This is why you send marketing emails that capture your customer's name to make them feel comfortable. This is why the word "you" is so powerful in marketing messages. And this is exactly why you should be striving to have personalized exclusive deals for your customers to increase sales and conversions.

One of the most personalized ways of accomplishing this is by allowing your customers to make their best price offer. Your customers leave with a feeling they got the best exclusive deal because they themselves created the deal instead of a blanket sales banner.

The best part! Even if you are unable to make a deal, you still leave with the customer email that can be used for future email campaigns.

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