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Three Unique Ways to Use UGC in your Marketing

by Jonathan Kennedy July 15, 2016

A guest post by the Stamped.io team. Stamped.io helps you collect reviews and engage with your customers automatically so you focus on your own creative marketing efforts.

Time and time again, it’s been proven that customers trust the experiences of friends, family, and fellow customers more than they trust brands. It’s nothing against your store, it’s just that we tend to care most about the opinions of people we can relate to.

The good news is you can use this to your advantage by embracing user generated content in your marketing efforts. Let your biggest fans do the talking for you with these three unique ways to embrace user generated content in your marketing.

1. Send Recommendations Direct to Social Media

Positive customer recommendations are the absolute best way to encourage trust in your company, and you must have a reliable and consistent way to gather product reviews. But even if you have loads of customers singing your praises, it’s no use unless their friends and family can see their endorsement as well. By setting up your customer recommendations to be automatically published on social media, you’re going to gain positive social proof and reach a wider audience with no extra effort on your part. You can also then retweet, share, or repin their thoughts for future campaigns.

2. Ask Brand Ambassadors to Film Videos

Video content is king in today’s marketing efforts. Seek out your biggest fans or put out a call for brand ambassadors and encourage them to post a video about your company. If you sell any kind of physical products, send the product to your ambassadors and allow them to use it for a video demonstration or review. Not only will it make it easier for them to point out their favorite features, but it will also go a long way towards building their audience’s faith in your product. These are typically called ‘unboxing’ videos, and they are a fantastic way to let your users do the talking.

For an even more impressive UGC campaign, have your brand ambassadors create a dialogue with their own viewers by allowing them to give away a product to the person who posts the best response video on how the product would improve their lives. This will ensure the conversation about your brand just keeps flowing.

3. Host a Themed Competition

Get a little silly and brainstorm a list of themed competitions you could use to engage your users. For instance, ask everyone to post an Instagram snap of the most creative way they’ve come up with to use your product, or for example, hold a ‘best dressed’ Facebook pageant for customers’ dogs wearing your human clothing. Sure, you can stick to more traditional themes, but your campaign will be much more memorable if you think outside the box a bit. After entries are in, you’ve got a whole stash of user generated content to help promote your products on all platforms.


Let Stamped.io help you collect reviews and engage with your customers automatically so you focus on your own creative marketing efforts. Customized review request forms and in-email responses will increase conversion rates, while social-push settings will ensure that your biggest fans can spread the news about your store efficiently. Find out more about what Stamped.io can do you for you here.



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