This Week in eCommerce: Win/Loss Analysis, Experts Share Their Secrets to Successful Product Branding, and Chocolate is Not Enough Anymore for Easter Gifting


What are your plans for Easter? For most entrepreneurs, this is a smart time to take a break and recharge.

For this week, we've picked a new set of topics that could be useful eCommerce resources.

We've got: What you can learn from win/loss analysis, retail experts share their secrets to successful product branding, fascinating things you probably didn't know about Shopify Inc., Parallax 3.2.0 Shopify theme update adds new features, and Easter gifting: because chocolate is not enough anymore.


1. What You Can Learn from Win/Loss Analysis

"Win/loss analysis is the systematic process of interviewing new clients and prospects who fell by the wayside to find out why they chose one path or the other." There are a few reasons why some people choose to do business with you and others don’t.

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2. Ten Retail Experts Share Their Secrets to Successful Product Branding

Aside from brand, your product can have their own identities, too. But product branding can be tricky.

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3. Seven Fascinating Things You Probably Didn't Know About Shopify Inc.

There are interesting facts about Shopify which you may not be aware of, like how it started and why it remains a relatively unknown brand to consumers. 

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4. Parallax 3.2.0 Shopify theme update adds refined design, new features

Out of the Sandbox’s, Shopify theme, Parallax, has now been upgraded to version 3.2.0, which contains some key new features to make it even more flexible.

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5. Easter Gifting: Because Chocolate is Not Enough Anymore

In time for the Easter Holiday, there are a few ways you can give your customers the gift buying experience that expects.

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That's everything for this week! We'd love to share fresh topics with you next week.

Have great Easter!

Team Carson


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