This Week in eCommerce: Why Product Packaging Design Is an Investment, Not an Expense, Why You Should Set Big Goals, and SEO Best Practices


If we are to wrap-up our whole week at Carson, we must say, it was tremendously busy! But as promised, we did not forget to put together another lineup of informative topics.

1. How Shopify is Building a $389 Million Brand With Content

Shopify really knows how to create a marketing funnel and run the table. Check out an in depth analyzation of their marketing strategy.

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2. Why Product Packaging Design Is an Investment, Not an Expense

If you want to leave a good first impression to your site visitors, one thing you should focus on is making your products visually appealing.

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3. SEO Best Practices for Website Popups, Overlays, and Interstitials

As a store owner, you don't want to see your SEO get hurt by additional features and functionalities. There are a few factors you have to keep in mind.

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4. Why You Should Set Big Goals (Even If You Might Not Hit Them)

Setting big goals is a way to innovate your thinking. It may sound unrealistic, but it can be a learning experience.

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If you are looking for a specific eCommerce related topic to read, we'd love to see your comment below.

Enjoy your weekend! 

Team Carson

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