This Week in eCommerce: Turbo Theme, common SEO mistakes and how to set up an eCommerce store


A fun and chill Friday everyone! We're back with our favorite weekly picks.

For this week, we've got Out of the Sandbox new Turbo Theme, an article about SEO mistakes by e-Commerce nation and SEMrush's tips on setting up an online store.


1. Out of the Sandbox Turbo Theme


Turbo is a new theme built which is highly configurable and optimized for both speed and mobile experience.

More about this new theme here


2. The 6 Most Common SEO Mistakes for E-Commerce


Check out the possible SEO mistakes you're making and the preemptive actions you can take in the article by e-Commerce nation.

Read it here


3. Tips on Where to Begin setting an eCommerce store


Find out what exactly it is that you should do in the beginning stages of building an online store in the article by SEMrush.

Check it here



That's it for this week. Until next Friday!

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