This Week in eCommerce: To Drive Conversions, Don’t Forget Clueless Shoppers, Tips to Speed up Your Shopify Store, and How to Stop Feeling Exhausted After Work Every Day


You've managed to deal with the major challenges of starting a business from scratch. When do you know if it's time to scale up, and take the next steps? 

Your fear of achieving greater heights and taking new risks is normal. Assessment of your options for growth and taking action are fundamental keys to the success of your business!

We've picked some of the eCommerce topics that are worth sharing.

1. To Drive Conversions, Don’t Forget Clueless Shoppers

When selling a product, it is important to make it easy for potential customers to understand your available options. This will avoid them buying the wrong item and end up unsatisfied with what they purchased.

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2. Has Your Business Stopped Growing? Here's How to Turn Things Around

How do you track your progress? Many businesses stopped scaling up for some reasons.

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3. Here's how to stop feeling exhausted after work every day

Dou track the progress of your business? Many businesses stopped scaling up for some reasons.

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4. 7 Tips to Speed up your Shopify Store

Customizing your store and adding new functionalities can affect its speed. There are a few ways you can optimize your website without sacrificing these added features.

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We'd love to hear from you! If you have a specific eCommerce topic or idea that you would want to see in our weekly round up, feel free to leave us a comment.

Happy weekend!

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