This Week in eCommerce: The New Shopify Partner Dashboard, Shopify Tutorial for Beginners, and Using Your Centerpiece Content to Build Your Email List


Running a business is a marathon, not a sprint. To be viable, you need to be persistent!

Here is a list of eCommerce related topics that might interest you:

1. Introducing the New Shopify Partner Dashboard

Shopify has new updates not just with the Partner Dashboard interface. They have also added and updated a variety of features that will provide account owners with additional functionalities, enhanced security measures, and an optimized Shopify workflow.

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2. Shopify - Advantages that You should be Aware of

Shopify has been well-known for its so easy-to-use eCommerce platform. Once you are associated with Shopify, you will get a lot of advantages being a merchant.

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3. Shopify Tutorial for Beginners - Create an Online Shopify Store 2017

Being new to Shopify, having a guide in building your store will be a great help. This Shopify tutorial for beginners will give you a step by step approach in creating your store.

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4. Strategic Content Marketing 101: Using your centerpiece content to build your email list

This article will be useful for your business by generating leads and building your email marketing list after writing and designing your centerpiece content

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