This Week in eCommerce: Start Selling on eBay with Shopify, How to Build a Wildly Lucrative Gift Card Program, and How Can eCommerce Owners Use the Latest Trends to Their Benefit


It's a brand new month. You're probably in the process of creating an action plan to achieve your new set of goals.

Let's start to feel the weekend with our eCommerce top pick for this week!

1. Start Selling on eBay with Shopify

Just in time for the Holiday, store owners can now expand their sales with the newest integration that Shopify is introducing to its merchants.

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2. How to Build a Wildly Lucrative Gift Card Program

Once in a while, you might be looking at alternatives or additional sources of revenue for your business. Most often than not, the best way to begin is to research on what's in demand.

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3. Making a Living While Making a Difference as an Entrepreneur

Before entering a business and becoming an entrepreneur, it's usual to focus on advantageous gain in terms of profit. It creates a huge difference if giving back is a part of your strategic objective.

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4. How Can Ecommerce Owners Use the Latest Trends to Their Benefit? 5 Entrepreneurs Advise.

If you want to be successful in an industry where the trends are non-stop and continuously evolving, such as eCommerce, you must be aware of how your brand can stand out from the crowd. Knowing and applying the best practices in eCommerce can be a good start.

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