This Week in eCommerce: Start Selling on eBay with Shopify, A Part of Being an Entrepreneur that no One Tells You About, and PayPal Makes it Easier for its Merchants to Sell Products Globally


Having just a beautiful site doesn't totally define a successful and profitable online store. You have to invest in a good marketing plan that does not only generate sales but also ensures you'll stay in business in the long run.

Being in the eCommerce circle loop can be beneficial in term of acquiring new and better business ideas. We have some topics for your reference.

1. Start selling on eBay with Shopify

In addition to its current list of avenues, Shopify is including another sales channel. This is something that most merchants can look forward to!

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2. PayPal makes it easier for its merchants to sell products globally

In a vision to provide an easy payment system to clients, Paypal through an international partnership is facilitating a more convenient global shipping around the world.

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3. 5 Answers to 5 Questions from potential Shopify store owners

Building a startup business is a long process. You have to carefully think about a few important aspects before you can begin.

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4. Here’s the Part of Being an Entrepreneur That no One Tells You About

If you have the resources, to be an entrepreneur can be a little easier, but it doesn't end there. There is a business cliche that should not be missed.

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We hope you end this week strong. Take a time to chill out and relax!

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