This Week in eCommerce: Shopify Rolling Out Instagram Shopping Feature, and Quick Guide To Offering Free Shipping As A Small Business


How do you plan to spend this weekend? As we all know, running an online store is not an easy task. Taking a break once in a while is becoming a must!

While everything seems to be available online, it's never a bad thing to have an easier access to the latest news and happenings in eCommerce.

1. Shopify rolling out Instagram shopping feature to thousands of merchants

Shopify updates never end. They are adding up a new channel for merchants, leading up to the holiday season.

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2. 7 Shopify Integrations Will Help Your Business Run Much Smoother

How do you crush the competition and keep up with the ever-growing eCommerce demand? Your will to level up can tell you.

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3. Squad Goals: Four Collaboration Ideas to Boost Your Small Business’ Sales

Depending on how you deal with it, collaboration among other business owners can prove a lot of advantages for your own growth, and the whole industry. 

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4. Quick Guide To Offering Free Shipping As A Small Business

Who doesn't want free shipping? If you're a small business, there are ways you can offer this without sacrificing your profit and efficiency.

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