This Week in eCommerce: Shopify reviews and the Unofficial Shopify Podcast with creator of Insights app


Happy Thanksgiving!

While you're still in the mood, we again bring you our favorite weekly picks!

For this week, we've got Shopify reviews by Website Builder Expert and eCommerce Platforms, and the Unofficial Shopify Podcast with Tom Davies, creator of the best seller Insights app.



1. 12 Key Things You Should Know About Shopify

From the pros and cons to hosting, security and backup options, find out how Website Builder Expert outlined their latest Shopify review.

Complete review can be found here



2. Shopify Reviews: The Best Ecommerce Platform?

This Shopify review by eCommerce Platforms is another worth reading. They focused on the functionalities that Shopify offers to its users.

Read the full article here



3. How to Sell Anywhere With Shopify

In this episode, Tom Davies shares essential ways on how sellers can maximize their store’s success.

Listen to the whole podcast here


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