This Week in eCommerce: Shopify Now Available in Woopra, Defining Your Audience with Target Marketing, and Shopify 45-Day Free Trial for Kickstarter Creators


How do you see your business five years from now? Staying focused on your goals can be difficult at times when motivation starts to wane. Don’t be afraid of failure, but don't allow it to get you stuck and stagnant. Your only way to win is to keep pushing and moving forward.

We love to bring you closer to the eCommerce world, by sharing interesting topics, we bet you'll like. Here are what we found for this week:

1. Attention eCommerce! Shopify Now Available in Woopra AppConnect

Woopra announces Shopify, as the latest addition to their AppConnect integration partners. In line with this, essential Shopify customer data is now accessible directly from within the Woopra platform.

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2. Defining Your Audience: Strengthen Customer Messages With Target Marketing

Target marketing is one effective way to understand and market to your audience. Learn how it can boost your retail business in this Shopify article.

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3. Welcoming Shopify to the Kickstarter Resources Page

Shopify is the new addition to Kickstarter's Resources page and is offering Kickstarter creators a 45-day free trial. A special link is available to claim yours.

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4. A Comprehensive Shopify Review for the eCommerce Strategist

The Shopify platform has been developed to support eCommerce strategy with simplicity and ease. There are many ways to use Shopify in achieving your online revenue goals. 

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5. Shopify to triple size of Ottawa headquarters

A company with a clear purpose, Shopify is expanding its Ottawa headquarters to triple its size. Ottawa is considered as one of Shopify's competitive advantages.

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We hope you enjoyed reading everything we shared today. Until next week! Have a great weekend!

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