This Week in eCommerce: Shopify Launches B2B Channel Support, Guideline on Choosing a Responsive Shopify Theme, and a Big Change to the Shopify Admin


Small victories can lead to big success! How do small winnings influence and motivate you as an entrepreneur?

We've gathered some of Shopify recent updates and useful eCommerce topics for this week. 

On our list: Shopify launches B2B channel support, Shopify's revenue jumps 75% in Q1, the ultimate guideline on choosing a responsive Shopify theme, and a big change to the Shopify admin is coming!

1. Shopify launches B2B channel support, automated flash sales management

Included in Shopify's roll-out are a wholesale channel for enabling business-to-business sales growth, and an automated platform for managing flash sales, new campaigns and events.

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2. Shopify's revenue jumps 75% in Q1

Shopify releases first quarter financial results which are 75.2% increase from $72.7 million in the same period in 2016. One factor that influenced this figure is the growing value of goods sold via its merchants.

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3. Ultimate guideline on choosing a responsive Shopify theme

Responsive store design contributes a significant part to a store’s success. How do you know if a theme goes with responsiveness or not?

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4. A big change to the Shopify admin is coming — what it is and how it will benefit you

To make it easier for merchants to use the platform, Shopify is bringing important changes to Shopify admin. This includes the roll-out of Polaris.

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