This Week in eCommerce: Read These 10 Books to Start 2018 Sprinting Toward Success, and Mobile Stats Merchants Can’t Afford to Ignore


We've come to the final week of 2017, and we're down to the last edition of our favorite weekly pick for this year!


1. Read These 10 Books to Start 2018 Sprinting Toward Success

Every year is a chance for a fresh start or making improvements, not excuses. Whatever goals we set, whether personal or for business, we only want to go one direction - the route to success.

It's so important to stay motivated and one way to do this is by constantly feeding your mind with positive insights.

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2. 18 mobile stats merchants can’t afford to ignore in 2018

Nowadays, people are spending more time and money on mobile. Have you started focusing on your store's mobile experience or is it going to be one of your priorities for the coming year?

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3. How to Launch Your Own Online Store With Shopify

Having an available guide for starting or launching a store is a great help, especially for those who are not certain where and how to begin?

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From all of us at Carson, we wish everyone a great year ahead. Thank you all for being a part of our 2017!


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