This Week in eCommerce: Overhaul Your Retention Strategy, Ruthless Prioritization, and a Few Ways to Use the Testimonial Section in Your Shopify Theme


Having some time off from work? That's probably the best reward you can give yourself for consistent hard work! 

We've gathered together a few of the latest happenings in the eCommerce world. We've got: how to overhaul your retention strategy, ruthless prioritization, and ways to use the testimonial section in your Shopify theme.


1. How to Overhaul Your Retention Strategy and Develop More Profitable Repeat Customers

New buyers deserve a great experience after purchase, and this is where many store owners stop. There are effective ways to retain first-time buyers and turn them into loyal customers.

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2. Ruthless Prioritization

"The best teams are the ones where everyone is maniacally prioritizing towards the same goal, and doing so in a way that’s consistent with each other." How do you determine priorities within your team? 

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3. Section by section: 13 ways to use the testimonial section in your Shopify theme

Testimonials can be a powerful form of endorsement as it shows potential customers how satisfied your existing customers are. The new “testimonials” section in Out of the Sandbox Shopify themes has been made even more flexible.

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We hope you enjoyed reading everything we shared and found them useful! Catch us again next Friday, and we'll make sure every week will be worth your time!

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