This Week in eCommerce: Make the Most of Your Shopify Design, Shopify Hacks You Need to Know and Tips and Tactics for Creating Priceless Connections


This is probably the time of the month when most of us are busy working on our deadlines. To lessen the pressure you might be feeling right now and help you relax a little, we picked a few topics that can be useful to your eCommerce business.

For this week, we have: Ways to make the most of your Shopify design, Shopify hacks you need to know, and tips and tactics for creating priceless connections


1. 5 ways to make the most of your Shopify design

Your web design is just as important as Shopify SEO when it comes to attracting people to your store. There are essential factors that you should consider when thinking and deciding what design you'll come up with for your store.

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2. 8 Shopify Hacks You Need to Know

It takes a lot of hard work to run a Shopify store. If you believe there's still more you can do for your business, check out this article for a few helpful Shopify hacks.

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3. How to Network in Today's World: Tips and Tactics For Creating Priceless Connections

"Networking today is about establishing meaningful relationships with people to help you further your own career or pursue a venture by collaborating with others." How do you share your network with others?

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That's it for this week! If you found these topics useful, you can share them with a friend.

We hope you're ending this month with a bang!

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