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This Week in eCommerce: Long Form or Short Form Landing Pages, Introducing Bulk Label Printing for Shopify Shipping, and Shopify Flow: How-to Automate Everything

by Jonathan Kennedy September 29, 2017


Any entrepreneur would aim for a long-term success, but without the right mindset, this won't be possible.

Not everything will go according to plan, but despite of the setbacks, you can still choose your way to success by taking control of it.

Our week at Carson won't end without sharing something for our readers. Hope you all enjoy your weekend!


1. Long Form or Short Form Landing Pages? Why Not Both?

When designing a landing page, you should consider the products that you're selling, and the type of audience and consumers that you are targeting.

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2. Introducing Bulk Label Printing for Shopify Shipping

Fulfilling orders can cost you lot of time. As a merchant, you have some other important things you need to focus on, and you want a way to speed up and simplify this process.

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3. Shopify Flow: How-to Automate Everything

Automations are designed to save time in numerous ways which often lead to more productivity, and higher sales for your store.

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4. 8 things you should always do in your emails — and 5 things to avoid

People may judge you by the way you communicate. The emails that you're sending can either make or break your brand.

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