This Week in eCommerce: Latest Trends in Social Media, Tips for Better Product Descriptions and Research about Purchases using Phones


A chill and fun Friday to everyone! We've gathered a few topics that can help Shopify store owners.

For this week, we've got: Trends in Social Media for 2017, Interesting Stats about Purchases Using Phones and Essential Pieces of advice for better Product Descriptions


1. Ten Trends in Social Media to Watch for 2017

What are the specific trends that may dominate Social Media this year? 

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2. Well-Said: Five Essential Pieces of Advice for Better Product Descriptions (And Why They Matter)

This is our latest guest article by Christina Coons, a professional digital marketer at Northcutt. It talks about the secrets to great product descriptions.

Find the article here


3. More than 3 in 4 Millennials Have Made Purchases Using their Phones

How does the recent statistics about online buyers, based on research affect eCommerce store owners? 

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That's it for this Friday! Hope you liked everything on our list for this week!

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