This Week in eCommerce: Latest SEO trends, ways to avoid Google penalty and how to hook shoppers, then tell your story in 50 milliseconds or less


Friday is here and it's time for our favorite weekly picks! We always look for the coolest topics that we can share with everyone.

For this week, we've got: SEO trends you need to pay attention to, ways to avoid Google penalty and how to hook shoppers through hero images

1. Eight SEO Trends You Need to Pay Attention to in 2017

Shifting your focus to the latest techniques and SEO trends can be a great strategy to improve traffic for your store.

More about this here


2. Seven Ways To Avoid A Google Penalty

Learn about the possible Google penalties and what you can do to avoid them in an article by Blu Mint. 

Read from here


3. The Psychology of Hero Images: How to Hook Shoppers & Tell Your Story in 50 Milliseconds or Less

How do you go way beyond than by just selling products, using hero images?

Find out here


That's it for this week. Catch us again next Friday!

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  • Jonathan,thanks for sharing these articles. Interesting that long-form content is shown to perform better in search results. Guess we’ve got to start going deeper on those articles!

    Wells Lyons

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