This Week in eCommerce: Kit is Now Free for All Merchants, Pro Tips About Standout Videos, and Web Push Notifications in Chrome 59


How do you go along with the new look of your Shopify admin? This makeover is a result of Shopify's best effort that simplifies the workflow and provides consistencies for all merchants.

We've got a new line-up of topics that can be helpful for your business.

1. Shopify’s Kit virtual shop assistant is now free

After the acquisition the other year, Shopify is making Kit free to all members on its platform. This is hope that more merchants are now able to find out what it can do for them.

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2. YouTube Marketing for Retail: 7 Pro Tips to Increase Your Reach With Standout Videos

Do you consider YouTube as part of your marketing strategy? Being unsure if it's the right channel for your brand can push you back. But how do you know if this will work for your store?

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3. What You Need To Know About Web Push Notifications In Chrome 59

How do the changes with Chrome 59 create an enhanced experience for users when it comes to web push notifications?

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Hope everything we've shared this week can be useful for your business strategy. Catch us again next time for a new set of topics!

Have a great week!

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