This Week in eCommerce: Iteration is not design, White Hat SEO Tactics, and the Trouble with Automation


How do you work towards attainment of goals within your team? The process is never easy, from goal setting to planning and execution. Being clear and specific with your goals is a motivating factor.

We came across a few topics that are eCommerce related. We hope these somehow contribute to what you are trying to achieve for your business.

For this week, here's our line-up: 

1. Iteration is not design

"Products can nearly design themselves through an iterative process of development, testing, and incremental improvement." What is Design Darwinism and does it really exist?

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Email list building is a key to your store’s growth. What are the emails you should implement at every step of your customer’s journey?

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3. Five eCommerce Accounting Basics to Make Your Life Easier

Tax season is here! There are a few practices that can make your accounting and tax filing less stressful.

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4. The trouble with automation (and PageSpeed Insights)

Automated website analytics is great but can also be problematic. PageSpeed Insights, in particular, dislikes platform based solutions like Shopify. Find out how choosing the right tools can help.

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5. Case Study: How Shopify Uses White Hat SEO Tactics To Get Customers

Is there a secret to how Shopify acquire customers? Here's a case study on how they use white hat SEO as a strategy.

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That concludes our week! You can share these links with a friend if you found them useful. Have a great weekend.

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