This Week in eCommerce: Introducing Shopcodes, Words and the Design Process, and eCommerce Holiday Planning


"BER" months have just arrived, and we know what it signals - holiday planning! It's never too early to start preparing and get ready for sales ramp up. 

For this week, we've included a topic which can help you create a good strategy to win this season.

1. Introducing Shopcodes: QR Codes That Make Mobile Shopping a Breeze

For their latest announcement, Shopify is introducing Shopcodes, QR codes that shoppers can scan to take them directly to a product in your store. 

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2. Words and the design process

When working on your design, it is important to incorporate content throughout the process, and not in the final stage.

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3. E-Commerce Holiday Planning: Get Your Marketing Strategy On Track For A Profitable Fourth Quarter

To maximize the potential profit you can get this holiday season, you must start planning early.

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4. Security Plug-ins Every Shopify Merchant Should Investigate

If you want to instill confidence in your consumers, you should protect your online store. There are security tools that you may consider.

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We hope you've found interest in the topics that we've shared. Until next week!

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