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This Week in eCommerce: Increase Profits by Focusing on the Needs of Customers, Growth Hacking for eCommerce, and How to Manage Pressure for a More Productive Life


How do you value your customers? Knowing and understanding their needs has become an important consideration in business strategy.

We picked a few topics that can become your guide.

1. How to Increase Profits by Focusing on the Needs of Customers

There are principles that can guide you along in growing your business. It is important to make decisions based on what will help your customers. 

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2. Growth Hacking for eCommerce

The eCommerce business has started to adapt growth hacking, but it isn't magic. It is never easy to start and look for things to implement.

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3. A definitive guide to using and troubleshooting your Shopify theme's search feature

Having a search tool available on your website doesn't only help customers find the products they are looking for, it also allows them to explore your store.

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4. Understanding Stress: How to Manage Pressure for a More Productive Life

"Unmanaged stress is a problem that tends to create more problems." Knowing what causes stress and how to manage it is really important.

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We all look forward to what's in store for us this month. Hope you have a great weekend!

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