This Week in eCommerce: How to Land Your Business in the Press, Latest Trends in SEO, and Introducing Points at Checkout


How you do you know if your business is moving forward? It is important to track your progress so you'll be aware which area you should focus on and give more of your attention.

As a store owner, being able to measure how your business is doing can give you a sense of security. You must be well-versed where your efforts are leading you!

The availability of references about your chosen niche is of great help. We have some of the latest topics for you.

1. How to Land Your Business in the Press: 6 Tactics and 5 Tools

Building a relationship with your target customers and understanding the demographic you’re trying to reach is essential to stay in the business. 

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2. Latest Trends In SEO expected in 2017

SEO is one of the biggest gears of a successful business. Make sure you are in the loop of any updates or trends!

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3. Introducing Points at Checkout

If you are on Shopify Plus, this is indeed a great news, especially if your businesses has a variety of reward types.

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4. Discovering new e-commerce sites increased online shopping trend

As Shopify merchants, there are a few facts you may not know about online shopping .

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There you have it! Catch us again next week for a new curation of eCommerce topics.

Happy weekend everyone!

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