This Week in eCommerce: Facebook on-site buy button, the complete Shopify guide part 2 and more sales on fewer products

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Hope you're having a great Friday! For this week, we have the latest in the Shopify world that will surely help store owners out there.

We've got cool links lined up for this week: Facebook expands on-site buy button, Shopify features you didn’t know about and a Shopify podcast episode about why the founder of Vrai & Oro says the key to more sales is fewer products


1. Facebook pick up the pace on eCommerce to combat Pinterest

Facebook has announced plans to expand their on-site buy button. This will allow US shopify users to make efficient use of their Facebook campaigns, for the first time

More about this here


2. The Complete Shopify Guide Part 2

Last week, we shared the "The Complete Shopify Guide Part 1". On its Part 2, they talk about the advanced techniques that will help you boost sales, entice more customers and improve the efficiency of your store.

Read more here


3. Why the Founder of Vrai & Oro Says the Key to More Sales Is Fewer Products

On this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll find out why the founder of Vrai & Oro believes that removing products from your store can lead to more sales.

Check it here


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