This Week in eCommerce: Everything Shopify Announced at Unite 2017, Think Crucial’s eCommerce Tools, and Countdown Sales Timer


Everyone was excited about the recent Shopify 2nd Annual Unite Conference and what's in-store for all store owners.

For a new edition of our favorite Shopify weekly pick, we've got: Everything we announced at Unite 2017, think crucial's eCommerce tools, creative ways to get people talking about your eCommerce shop, and Pixel Union countdown sales timer.

1. Everything Shopify Announced at Unite 2017 (And What It Means For Merchants)

Unite is about connecting with partner and developer communities who build powerful apps, themes, and stores for merchants. Find out the announcements and updates in this Shopify article.

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2. Think Crucial’s ecommerce tools

"Building a business without a powerful technology stack is like building a house without any foundation." What are the tools that have been proven effective for this eCommerce business?

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3. Eight Creative Ways to Get People Talking About Your Ecommerce Shop

In order to get the kind of traction you’re looking for your website, you have to be more creative. There are a few creative ways to get people talking about your eCommerce shop.

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4. Countdown Sales Timer: Real-Time Urgency for Your Shopify Store

Pixel Union introduced a Shopify app packs a big-time conversion punch, letting you promote flash sales and other timed promotions with a sleek countdown timer bar at the top of your store.

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That's everything for this week. Catch us again next Friday for a new set of cool topics that are eCommerce related.

Have a great weekend!

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