This Week in eCommerce: Discover Your Personality Type as an Entrepreneur, How to Launch Your Own Product Line, and Website Migration Tips To Keep Your Sales Safe


Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment when you see all your hard work pays off! You get good results with the strategies that you're implementing for your business.

Having useful sources of information and references can go a long way, and we'd love to share a few of these with you!

1. 10 Website Migration Tips To Keep Your Sales Safe

The migration process from one website to another can sound easy, but it can be difficult, costly, and time-consuming. You should have a good and smart approach to avoid resulting in a tragedy.

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2. 5 Push Notifications Apps Don’t Want You to Open

Some push notifications deliver value to users, that you can be inclined to click, but there are also a few that you don’t necessarily need to open.

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3. Discover your personality type as an entrepreneur

Ever thought of learning more about your personality? As an entrepreneur, knowing your strengths and weakness can contribute to your success!

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4. How to Launch Your Own Product Line, No start Up Required

Coming up with your own product line can be a smart move. Having the right tools can greatly help with the process.

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We hope these topics can give inspiration and help with your strategies! Feel free to share these links with a friend!

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