This Week in eCommerce: Business Expenses You Can Write Off, Shopify Brings Ecommerce to Gaming, and Make Big Bucks While Selling Your Products for Free


Turning a small business into a big one is never easy. It's essential to keep looking for ways to develop and assess your options for growth.

If you are looking for eCommerce references, these topics might help. 

1. The Guide to Ecommerce Tax Deductions: 19 Business Expenses You Can Write Off

Learn about the write-offs, and some ideas on how to use them to reinvest in your eCommerce business.

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2. Shopify Brings E-Commerce to Gaming

Shopify has introduced a new software development kit (SDK), which will allow game-makers to add support for sales of physical goods within a game, good as ordering from a retail store.

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3. Stripe now lets marketplaces onboard new sellers in less than 2 minutes

Stripe has announced that it’s making it easier for marketplace companies, like Shopify to onboard new sellers.

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4. How to Make Big Bucks While Selling Your Products for Free

What are marketing funnels and how they can be effective at converting your website visitors into paying customers?

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We're excited to share wth you a set of new hot topics next week! Until next time!

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