This Week in eCommerce: Best Shopify Stores for Inspiration, Images are not the Only Fruit, and 7 Steps to Make Money with Shopify


Mother's Day is just around the corner! How do you make it special for the most wonderful woman in your life?

We're ending this week with cool topics to help with your store!

1. 11 Discount Apps for your Shopify Store

If you are looking for something to improve the current strategies you have for your store, there’s a niche app to help you do just that.

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2. 101 Best Shopify Stores For Ecommerce Inspiration (2017)

Who doesn't love good designs? If you need inspiration for creating a new eCommerce website or considering a redesign of your current store, this list may give you an idea.

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3. Images are not the only fruit

"A visually pleasing store achieved through the regular arrangement of imagery can be just as unique as any other."

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4. 7 Steps to Make Money with Shopify

If you're struggling to make sales, consider this free Ebook.

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That's everything for this week! Catch us again next Friday for a new set eCommerce related topics.



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