This Week in eCommerce: Best Practice eCommerce Product Pages and 2018 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Seat


When you think about 2017 ending in less than a month, questions may start popping up. Am I ready for the new year? Should it be the time to try out a new strategy or continue where I left off?

Whatever it is that concerns you a lot approaching another year, it all boils down to a goal of growing and keeping your business strong!

Since it's the end of the week, we gathered some eCommerce topics and put them together!

1. GDPR: What You (And Your Store) Need to Know About This New Data Protection Law

By collecting personal data from customers, business owners are responsible to keep it protected. A new regulation law is coming to the Europian Union in 2018, which can possibly affect or impact how you collect and handle customer's personal data.

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The size of images you use for social media contents may sound like a very small detail you need to consider, but it's not!

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3. Best practice e-commerce product pages

This may not be the first time you'll find an article about the importance of product pages to your website. How do you make sure you have the designs that work?

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Short and simple! That's how we want to keep our weekly pick!

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