This Week in eCommerce: Amazing Shopify store examples, an overview of liquid and biggest missed mobile opportunity


New month, new goals! We're excited to share with you, a set of new topics that can help every Shopify store owners, specially those who are starting out.

For this week, we've got: Amazing Shopify store examples, Shopify's templating language, and the biggest missed mobile opportunity.



1. Fifty Amazing Shopify Store Examples

Shopify has been one of the most chosen eCommerce platforms of aspiring entrepreneurs, nowadays. If you're venturing into an online business, or looking for inspiration to grow what you've started, check out these Shopify stores and learn their success stories. 

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2. An Overview of Liquid: Shopify's Templating Language

Are you new to Shopify and wondering what all the references to Liquid refer to? Find out the details you need to know in this article by Shopify.

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2. The Biggest Missed Mobile Opportunity

Despite the growing popularity to purchase things on the go, mobile checkouts continue to get a lower conversion rate compared to the check out flow of desktop.

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That's all for this Friday! Expect another line up of hot topics from us next week!

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