This Week in eCommerce: Accelerate Checkout with Shopify Pay, Free In-house-designed Card Reader by Shopify, and Replatforming


We all look forward to hitting our sales target every month, and we hope you are on your way to reaching that goal!

Included in our round-up of topics for this week are free in-house-designed card reader by Shopify, Shopify Pay, replatforming, and new Shopify app for electronics stores.

1. Shopify launches a free, in-house-designed card reader

Shopify has designed its own hardware, the new chip and swipe card reader which is offered on pre-order to its U.S.-based merchants now.

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2. Accelerate Checkout With Shopify Pay

With Shopify Pay, your customers can check out in seconds and no longer need to spend time typing in their shipping and payment details anytime they want to buy from your store.

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3. Replatforming: The Scariest Word in Ecommerce or the Most Hopeful?

On the fear of replatforming, there is a number of questions you might end up asking yourself. “Fear doesn’t drive change — but it does perpetuate mediocrity.”

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4. New Shopify App for Electronics Stores

F13Works has launched an eCommerce software solution in a new Shopify app! You can easily connect with vetted, US-based electronics suppliers by downloading the Product Creations Group app on Shopify.

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