This Week in eCommerce: A New Shopify App to Boost Your Holiday Sales, Forecasting for Seasonal Businesses, and Demolishing Generic Loyalty Programs


In any business, keeping the momentum alive is very important. It fuels your hunger for success. While there can be times when you feel like losing control, it's important to always push yourself and maintain your focus.

Anyone can go through the same situation. It's just a matter of how you deal with it and get back on track!

As a part of our weekly routine, here's another roundup of eCommerce topics!

1. Forecasting for Seasonal Businesses: Turn Big Months into Great Years

Planning ahead for the busiest season of the year has always been a great strategy. While you get ready your store for a huge sale, you should never compromise or avoid overlook the financial aspects of your business. 

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2. Free Shipping & Discount Bar: A new Shopify app to boost your holiday sales

As we talk about Holiday planning, it really helps if your marketing plan goes along with the look of your store. You are definitely expecting more sales, so you should know how you can make use of your own website in order to achieve it.

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3. Demolishing Generic Loyalty Programs

Creating a loyalty program is becoming a norm in eCommerce for retaining customers. While it's an effective marketing technique, you should not excuse the fact that everyone else is doing this. The challenge how you can develop your own rewards program that stands out from the rest.

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If you have a specific topic about eCommerce that you want to see in our next edition, let us know in the comments below.

In the meantime, enjoy your weekend!

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