This Week in eCommerce: 6 Ways To Prep Your Store For 2018, and Shopify Masters Greatest Hits


Let the countdown begin! We're down to the last two Friday's before we officially end 2017 and welcome another great year.

Still, we've got something to share this week!

1. New Year, New You: 6 Ways To Prep Your Store For 2018

We all look forward to something new, the year 2018 has to offer, especially for our business. It's always a good thing to have a bigger vision each year. This way, we can be certain we're not stuck and we only have the choice of moving forward.

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2. Shopify Masters Greatest Hits: 10 Must-Listen Episodes from 2017

If you're looking for best practices and ideas from successful business and store owners, you can always find them from Shopify Masters episodes.

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3. Zero One: Shopify: On the Front Lines of Fraud

Fraud can be found anywhere. There are ways to prevent and protect your business from it. How well do you know about the process of detecting fraud?

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Happy Holidays, everyone!

Team Carson

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