This Week in eCommerce: 5 Ways that Companies are Screwing Up their eCommerce Growth, Google Analytics Segments , and How to Solve the Mystery of What Your Customers Really Want


Holidays are coming soon! To maximize sales, you should know when to start preparing and planning ahead to get your business ready for this busy season. 

We've got a Shopify article to make you inspired and some of the latest eCommerce topics.


The fear of taking risk is one reason some eCommerce companies are not keen on expanding.

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2. How to solve the mystery of what your customers really want

"Better customer interactions equal superior business results." There are key strategies for success in really knowing your customers.

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3. 5 Google Analytics Segments (and How to Use Them to Increase Revenue)

Google Analytics segments help you drill down and extract deeper insights from the data you’ve collected.

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4. Anatomy of a product page: Creating more advanced layouts

When choosing the layout design for your product page, always consider if it will be easier and obvious for shoppers to know what you are selling.

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We look forward to sharing a new line-up of good and latest topics about eCommerce next week!

Have a great weekend!

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