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There's More to Facebook than just Ads

by Jonathan Kennedy December 01, 2017

A guest article by Delilah Kaufman, content creator and social media expert at SumAll. SumAll works with small businesses, helping them integrate AI and automation into their social media and e-commerce. Their free app is available from the Shopify App Marketplace.

Successfully maneuvering the landscape of the eCommerce world can be a challenge, but by now you’re already on your way to becoming an expert with the help of Shopify. You’ve got amazing products, a great website, and you’ve already started experimenting with ads on Facebook. You’ve done everything you need to do, in order to maximize your sales and profit.

Now let’s just pause for a moment.

If you read the last few sentences and didn’t see anything missing, I’ve got some bad news for you. You’re falling into a trap countless other merchants are falling into too.

Facebook is more than an advertising platformit’s a social media network. However, it’s in Facebook’s best interest to let businesses forget about the social aspect and spend all their time and money on ads. With over 2 billion monthly users, every time you don’t post on your page, you’re missing out on free, organic, and better-received content that leads to sales.

You see, when it comes to posting ads to Facebook, a lot of merchants become so laser focused that they neglect to update their Facebook page. Don’t fall into that trap!

But isn’t organic reach at an all-time low?

Sure, we all know that organic reach on pages is lower now than it has ever been. That doesn’t mean you get to ignore posting on your page though! Here are three reasons to think about your page:

  • Posting on your page is free. There is literally no cost to you to post on your page. There is no excuse not to post to your page!
  • Posting on your page shows professionalism and makes your business look more polished. If I see an ad for something and click on the page showing me the ad, I want to see something there. A blank page means I won’t be ordering from the company.
  • Every extra post is an extra chance to make a sale because as long as your page has likes, someone is always going to see it.

SumAll’s automation product posts from Shopify are a great resource to amp up your Facebook game because it lessens the stress of maintaining a social media presence.

What a product post does is randomly select a product from your website and post it to your store’s Facebook page, complete with a link.

The automation is great because it gives you the opportunity to get more engagements and build your brand without having to put brainpower into it. You do, of course, have the option to tweak and change how the automation works to your liking, but because you’re a merchant and have a million other things to do, SumAll’s default settings are built around what the users want, and what would ideally be best for all online stores.

Posting constantly but consciously is so important, especially when your business is small, because every new post brings a new opportunity to gain more traffic, and consequently, more customers. I know, I know—you may have crafted your store’s Facebook presence intending to do ads and only ads, but your Facebook page is here to stay, and you might as well surrender to the charms of social media posting. Don’t believe me? 60% of all online users who shop online say they became familiar with a brand through their online presence. The proof is in the pudding!

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