The Importance of a Sitemap in an eCommerce Business

A guest article by Shopinet, developer of Sitemapper, an app that generates a sitemap page that shows the complete structure on your site and links all applicable parts on your online store.

While maintaining an eCommerce business, there are several elements that should be a priority to ensure your website is reaching its maximum potential for your business.

Your website:

  • Should be optimized for good search engine rankings
  • Present the user with an easy to navigate interface
  • Give relevant information you can monitor and to create more traffic

A sitemap can help achieve all these requirements for the optimal eCommerce Business by listing all the pages that are accessible to the users. Google and other search engines utilize backlinks to locate new content on the web, but internal links are required for the search engine to do its job correctly, and a sitemap makes sure that all your links are accessible by two clicks, which is optimal for search engines to be able to optimally search through the website. This ensures that your website is getting noticed by search engines as efficiently as possible.

Sitemaps are also useful for your customers because they will be able to easily locate individual articles or web pages from an extended period from the current date. In addition to the benefits that the user gains from offering a sitemap on your web page, a sitemap benefits your business by increasing its SEO ranking and giving you relevant information you can utilize to monitor your traffic and gain insight on how your page’s rank throughout the website.

Sitemaps can be creating using coding skills or can be generated online for free or to purchase for the less tech-savvy individual. Using a service such as Sitemapper will fulfill all the requirements of a successful eCommerce website as mentioned above, and solve problems you may have experienced with building a successful business online in the past.

Search Engine Optimization

Getting your eCommerce website to the front page of Google and other popular search engines will create tremendous traction for your business and increase revenue. There are several ways that a sitemap helps achieve this. Refreshing the content on your website alerts the search engine that a modification has been made, and in turn increases your search engine ranking. It also increases how efficient the search engine can visit your website for tracking purposes, which is called crawling. Since sitemaps prioritize web pages into categories, it also tells the search engine what is the most important content, thus further improving crawling capabilities.

Monitor Traffic

A sitemap displays data that can be accessed by the administrator that can be analyzed to show statistics about your website that can be used to improve processes and see how your business could be ran more efficiently. Once you upload your sitemap, you will be able to see how many of the URLs coming from your website are being indexed by the search engine. It’s uncommon for every single page to be indexed by major search engines, but it should be your goal to get as many as possible indexed. Being able to determine what pages’ users visit most frequently tell you what pages should be focused on, and which need a rework to increase visits.

Easy to Navigate

A sitemap benefits a potential customer by presenting them a page where they can access all the other locations that are available on your page in one easy to find location. Displaying your links chronologically or alphabetically organizes them in an easy to locate manner. Increasing the simplicity of navigating your web page will increase sales because of more people being familiar with how your eCommerce site operates, as well as being more comfortable with purchasing from your business.


As an eCommerce business that has been utilizing Shopify to establish your brand, the addition of a sitemap will boost page visits, improve how smoothly your customers can shop on your website, and start a conversation with your clients about how you could further improve your business. With affordable options available to be accessed online as well as free alternatives if you are just trying out the concept or have coding abilities, there is no reason you should not be using a Shopify sitemap on your eCommerce website.

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  • I totally agree. A sitemap really helps the customer get to what he or she is looking for.

    Patricia Lardy

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