Six Tips for Shopify Shipping Success

A guest article by Smart Send, Australia’s most trusted online courier aggregation service. Their expertise allows merchants of all sizes to cost effectively and efficiently ship their goods domestically and internationally. They help Shopify stores flourish by easily delivering goods to their customers through the free Shipping Unlimited app. Download their promo sheet here.

You’ve chosen Shopify for your you-beaut eCommerce store. Great choice! Shopify is one of the fastest growing eCommerce solutions in Australia.

But have you thought about shipping on Shopify? Quite often freight and courier solutions are left lower down in your priorities when setting up an eCommerce store.

This is a big mistake! Successful efficient shipping of your products is vital to your store’s success.

Here are 6 Tips to help get your Shopify Shipping on track:

1. Find a shipping app or add-on that has extensive shipping providers included. Some apps may only work with one or two shipping companies; this may not provide you with the best overall options to choose from. Also, what are the ongoing costs to use the solution (is it free, $xx month, $xx per booking, etc)?

2. Are there add-on shipping features available (e.g. tracking link emails sent to buyers, best packing calculators, shipping rules options, etc)? Spend time and investigate these, as they will make your life easier and your business more productive as you grow.

3. With the shipping provider/s integrated within the shipping app, can they transport your particular products and at a cost effective price domestically or globally? Are same day or "next business day" services available if that is part of your shipping strategy? is Australia’s best Shopify Shipping app helping eCommerce stores succeed.

4. Support: are there technical self-help or tutorial guides/videos available? You don’t want to be left with a bug or issue and no way to resolve the problem. If there are shipping issues, will there be easy support options to resolve matters quickly?

5. Shipping Label/Documentation generation: a key component of successful eCommerce stores is an efficient delivery of their goods. Do not under-estimate the need for seamless generation of barcoded consignment-labels/documentation upon fulfillment of your orders. As your business grows quickly you cannot afford to fulfill orders manually by data entering order information or writing out consignment paperwork/ labels by hand.

6. Integration/Instal does some initial homework on how difficult or easy the solution is to implement. If the solution involves coding or major integration work and you don’t have that experience, then you will need to use a third party web developer which can come at high additional costs. On the other hand, if it’s as simple as clicking on an Instal button and updating a few settings, you’re set and can save time and money.

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In summary, Shopify is a great platform for any eCommerce site, no matter how big or small. Getting the shipping side right will not only make your life much easier and stress-free, your business will also become much more efficient, productive and streamlined; potentially cutting out costs associated with despatch or admin staff required to ship orders out and provide administrative follow-up tasks for your customers. Even greater labour cost savings (associated with despatching/shipping) will be noticeable as your business scales in size over the long term.



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