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Shopify x Internationalization = Feed. Use Case

by Jonathan Kennedy December 08, 2017

A guest article by the Weglot team, developer of the Weglot Appa powerful translation service that easily displays your website in any languages.

Feed. is a French, Paris-based, food tech startup that is helping people eating better when they don’t have time to eat (instead of eating fast food). Their smart-foods are VEGAN, gluten-free, lactose-free, GMO-free, without nuts, and manufactured in France. You have the choice of nutrition bars, drinks or shaker mixes.

The road-to-market for such product, physical yet innovative, is a mix of offline and online distribution. Even if they already started to work with major distributors, like Franprix in France, most of their sales are coming from their online store, built on… yeah, you guessed, Shopify!

Their natural targeted markets are France and Europe. They don’t target the US market yet because of the existing competition, like Soylent. However, since the US smart food market is more mature than the European one, they already receive some orders from the US.

Hence, Internationalization is obviously a challenge for Feed.

Time is money, that’s why they bought time from the very beginning of their journey by using some great tools, such as Shopify.

Scaling up

Using SaaS is often the best way to move fast, iterate, and grow. When it comes to online stores, Shopify offers one of the easiest shop CMS to use and setup.

Having tech genuinely handled and managed with Shopify allowed them to focus on what matters for their business: their product and the way they sell it. And it seems to work because of the €3 million they just raised in September.

Shopify allows you to do nothing but working on your product, and increasing your sales. Shopify includes great features easily available and providing instant value, such as emails automatically sent for abandoned cart, shipping fees automatically calculated (through FedEx, UPS etc..), and gift cards for example. All the tools you need to grow your business, easy to setup without any coding skills.

Now that you’re done with setting up and managing your shop, the next big part is to grow your sales.

One way to do it is to target new markets. And Feed already does that, even if internationalizing is step 2 of the roadmap. So, they picked Weglot and their dedicated Shopify app.

Why is it necessary for Feed to make their website multilingual?

When starting their website, one option could have been to only do it in English so they could target any market. But that’s ignoring the fact that most of the non-English speakers (90%) will not buy on an English website. And 75% of internet users are non-English speakers, so that could result in a significant loss of value at the end of the day for an online business.

That’s why Feed. built their website in French, for their core market, and in English to be able to benefit from opportunities in the US market, which is more mature. It’s also a good way to get orders from other European countries.

Today, Feed. is generating c. 20% of its revenues outside France, main countries being UK, Germany, Spain, and Netherlands.

With Shopify and Weglot, Feed. is also paving the way for future international expansion. Owning the French market is their top priority, but when they’ll decide it’s time to push further beyond national boundaries, their online structure will be ready.

That’s one of the key strengths of Shopify. You are already prepared to scale. Scaling Feed’s store won’t be a pain, then Feed. will be able to focus on what matters : product,  sales, and logistics.

  • Feed. was preparing itself to scale from the very beginning of its journey by using SaaS and easy to use tools like Shopify
  • Shopify has proven it could be a robust platform for ambitious businesses looking for European reach and international presence
  • Leveraging translations and multilingual is key for Feed. as 90% of non-English speakers won’t buy on an English website

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