Selling is cool, saving money while running your Shopify business is way cooler!

A guest article by Happy commerce, a team of developers that design eCommerce websites and Shopify apps for several years now (Get a tour).

It’s a fact that eCommerce has become an important part of retailing business, and that’s why you’re reading this post.

Merchants (including Shopify merchants of course) need good products and online marketing strategies and tools, so they will sell! At this point, you might think this post is boring.

Not a scoop to write, merchants can actually access plenty of good tools and super efficient, affordable Shopify apps to increase sales, manage marketing strategies, improve customer relationship, and so much more. And that’s perfect!

Pardon my french, but merchants also need to manage their online business efficiently and answer undercover needs. This means optimising everyday routines, saving time and money in bulk shipping operations, automating customer relationship and controlling business efficiently and effortless.

These are some keys for merchants to improve their Shopify business and optimise daily management and this is our credo. Let me be precise:

1. Control order prep and gain with a no return strategy

Breathe, lay-back and consider what could be done to optimise your Shopify activities and internal process.

Most of your activities are in-house. I mean receiving supplier orders, picking customer orders, then preparing them for shipments and finally dealing with after sales and return.

This is normal and you should be Happy to be part of successful Shopify merchants, but remember, there are solutions to optimise your daily process and reduce human error while preparing, controlling and shipping customer orders manually or using dedicated devices.

Keep in mind, the less you create human error and spend time on these regular tasks, the more you‘ll save time and money.

You should try these apps to control and optimize customer order preparation: 

- Picking list

- Control order before shipping

2. Shipment Tracking is essential

Your customer relationship is critical. eCommerce is not only about acquiring customers and one shot sales. All studies agree that loyalty is part of the game.

Therefore, shipment tracking is important for your internal management. This helps you interact with customers and at least extends your customer relationship.

Thus, automated shipment tracking will help you grow the confidence your customers have in your service and finally grow the loyalty. As long as your customer service is of high quality and better than others, customers will continue to be more loyal with your store, and order.

Let’s have a look at:

- My Easy Tracking Tool

- Expeditor Inet (dedicated to french market only)

You’re still reading. This means our tips are not useless? Nice ;-)

3. Control stock value and replenishment

Since you sell products and focus on delivering a better service, don’t forget another important part of your business which is supplier relationship and stock update.

Sound ridiculous but you did the hardest! Please make sure you have the correct stocks, in-house products and ordered your suppliers. Otherwise, customers will quickly turned into unsatisfied reviewing customers then after-sales and warehouse team will only deal with returns and refunds.

Make sure to have an up-to-date catalog and stock. Use dedicated tools to order from suppliers and manage warehouse receipt!

Have a look:

- Supply Order

4. Control your daily activity

That’s perfect! Now your sales are growing. Your process are optimised and your customers are informed, satisfied and loyal.

“There’s a Shopify mystic blowing through the air”...

And what about you? How could you optimise your own business-owner relationship?

This last tip is about optimising the way you control your daily and/or periodically business activities. You absolutely need to check sales, customers KPIs and main information easily. The better way to succeed is to know you’re succeeding in. The better way to know is to set automated reports.

Take a look at this app:

- Activity Report

Here we are. Many thanks for paying attention, and don’t wait after a longer conclusion.

Focus back on your Shopify business and remember that selling is important, but it's not the only way to grow your business, make your customer Happy-er and save time in the process and make money!

Just try the apps!

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  • Pretty well written. Handeling back-end issues is the key! I’ll certainly have a try to some of your apps. Thanks.


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